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so I've got mp3's of the new songs Jenny put on her myspace - "Ghost in Empty Houses" (by Jukebox the Ghost, Jenny singing), and "Nighty Night" (strings mix).

here's a link to download the songs - they're web streaming quality (128 kpbs mp3), not CD/lossless quality, so obviously if you want to have a better listening experience I would suggest you go buy the CD containing the song(s)!

meanwhile, enjoy the mp3's. :)


Apr. 19th, 2009 06:03 am (UTC)
Fall To Sleep - Lyrics
fall to sleep, fall to sleep
it’s you alone to keep
this world will never stay still
for you and me

close your eyes, dream of fire
and embers that never expire
a flame that only will burn
when we retire

take my hand, follow me
we’ll dance ‘til the starlight retreats
our eyes will never be dry
until we meet

when the morning arises
and the world comes alive
there you’ll leave me behind
and we’ll try
to survive
across the divide

don’t let me fade from your mind, love
dimmed by the light of the day
out of the darkness we’ll find our way