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Feb. 21st, 2009

Plagued by indigestion-related insomnia, I uncovered this on the Nettwek website.

Looks like a single is being released on April 7th! Let's hope that the full album won't be long behind it.

Didn't Know (Jenny Ingrid Youngs)

Jenny performing my favourite song, dressed as Ingrid Take My Sweater Michaelson

Dec. 14th, 2008

Jenny Live 1&2 of many

Jenny Owen Youngs - Woodcut (live at Schubas 19/12/2008, Chicago) from Jon Barker on Vimeo.
Woodcut, recorded at Schubas. Only just found somewhere worth uploading it. This starts with her swearing at Brandon the Sideman as he leaves the stage. Can't remember what song he was on at the very beginning but yeah, middle fingers as he slips out a side door and runs off.

Jenny Owen Youngs - Dissolve at Schubas, Chicago (19/12/2008) from Jon Barker on Vimeo.
"How about Greg Laswell... Ok most of you are here to see Greg, so that would be actually your queue to be all "Woooh Greg Laswell, I'm gonna take my pants off... so later when I say Greg Laswell, I want you to be all "Oooh Greg, my vagina"... shortly followed by being told I'd be deported... Gave away a shark.
so I uploaded them to youtube...

here's a video of Jenny singing "Hot in Herre" in an elevator, being sexy as usual. (I think this was around December 2007).

Jenny being interviewed somewhere, setting off my gaydar like WHOA. ;) haha but anyways I can't remember where I got this video from, but it was also 2006-2007. if someone finds out do let me know.

Elliot Jacobson (Ingrid's drummer) blogs

Tour Bus!
November 4, 2008, 10:25 pm
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Hey Peeps,

It’s all happening. I’m on the bus now on the way to Anaheim.

Last night after the itunes session (which was fun and produced by Tonic’s Jeff Russo and we got free Nanos!) we went back to the hotel to chill for a few. Then made our way over to the Hotel Cafe. Jenny Owen Youngs and Greg Laswell were kicking off their tour that night, both with full bands. I volunteered to sit in with the Jenny band.

After a brief sound check, we went out for some Thai food. Greg took the stage first. I loved seeing him with the full band. We went on next. I have never played or rehearsed with Jenny before, and didn’t listen to her stuff before the show, but it was a fun time.

Lol @ the thought of them playing together without any rehearsal. Always fun. For more of his blog and information about other shows go to http://elliotjacobson.wordpress.com/ . He also drums for Bess Rogers.