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oh hey! i finally made some JOY icons & a desktop. i'm too lazy to copy the html though, so you'll have to go see them at my journal if you're interested. enjoy? :D


out of curiosity, would anyone be interested in jenny icons or whatever if i ever get some free time again? and/or is there anything in particular you want? (i will probably be mostly using the pictures my friend meg (juniperlane) took, cos they're gorgeous and i am stupid in love with them.) i made a JOY wallpaper last week and remembered how much i like fucking around with graphics, so i will hopefully stop having a life soon!

Contacting Jenny

So I won free tickets to her NYC show at the CD listening party a few weeks back, and the manager said he would email me about them.  But that was two weeks ago.  Any suggestions on the best way to contact someone about this?  I don't know who he was, though they would probably remember me, I have a memorable hairstyle and last name.  Should I just twitter/facebook Jenny?  Thanks!


so I've got mp3's of the new songs Jenny put on her myspace - "Ghost in Empty Houses" (by Jukebox the Ghost, Jenny singing), and "Nighty Night" (strings mix).

here's a link to download the songs - they're web streaming quality (128 kpbs mp3), not CD/lossless quality, so obviously if you want to have a better listening experience I would suggest you go buy the CD containing the song(s)!

meanwhile, enjoy the mp3's. :)

Apr. 9th, 2009

My beautiful, wise and wonderful friend Vanesha has blessed our loving community with this glamorous and gorgeous chat session, in three parts on rapidshare:


This is the Jenny chat from April 7th.

Please comment if you download as it took her a while to do and please go and buy Jenny's EP or see her live if you can.
Hey all - thanks for checking out the EP, to those of you who are on it. In celebration of the EP dropping, I'll be participating in a live webchat guy technically today (4/7)... Stay tuned to Myspace for more details. Or like, any details. Ok? You will hopefully type questions, I will speak/video answers, with any luck we can have some kind of chat about the upcoming full length.

Party tiiiiiiiime


Apr. 7th, 2009

Davina heard the new Jenny EP and cried, true story